Thumbnails and scripts

me: oh man
I’m like that person who is always constantly writing “his novel”
or “my screenplay”
except it’s “my manga”
or “my graphic novel”

Connie: lol
you kind of are

I’ve had this idea for a graphic novel in my head for a very long time — elements of the story started forming as early as the age of fourteen. Of course, over the years, it’s evolved, adding on more themes and components while shedding others that had become superfluous. But it’s always been there.

There were a couple of false starts and feeble attempts, but for the most part, I kept the story locked away in my brain (and occasionally tried outlining them in my sketchbooks). I had my reasons. I hadn’t gotten good enough artistically to create my opus just yet. I had a lot of maturing to do as a writer. I wanted more experience in life to draw from first. Almost a decade later, I had a firm concept of what it would be — a slice-of-life turned adventure-drama with supernatural/Mormon elements. I had an entire storyline sketched out, divided into seven books, which are additionally subdivided into six chapters each. I just needed the kick in the pants to get started.

Which I finally got when someone told me that he knew of other Mormon artists who were in the process of writing a Mormon graphic novel, and if I didn’t want to look like someone who decided to jump on the upcoming new genre (Mormon graphic novels), I’d better get cracking right now.

So I did.

Bryan Lee O’Malley, creator of Scott Pilgrim, once mentioned that he drafted his graphic novels by writing out a movie script and then making thumbnails of each page that corresponds to the script. Instead, I decided to do a hybrid by drawing out thumbnails and scratching out lines or key words or phrases in the bubbles and margins.

So far, I’ve got 100 pages scripted. Only 840 more to go.

And then I get to draw them!



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3 responses to “Thumbnails and scripts

  1. You should rescan these at twice the resolution. šŸ˜€

  2. Ted

    Oh, the reason they’re at such a low resolution is so that you guys can’t steal my awesome story ideas. šŸ™‚

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