Great music you may or may not have listened to, Vol. 4

Back by popular demand (mostly Quinton’s demand), here are some gems I’ve found while trawling the great sea known as Amazon’s free music.

Butterfly Kisses by the Depreciation Guild

I have no idea what they are saying, but the music is fun to listen to! It’s pretty typical of most indie songs — great melodies and music, but the singing is kind of…experimental. I guess that’s what makes it indie? Either way, the singing doesn’t get in the way if it’s not your cup of tea, which is what makes this song so great.

Fall Hard by Shout Out Louds

This song reminds me of the alternative I would listen to in high school, in a strange way.

Missing Something by Auto Vaughn

A song that is incredibly existentially emo, but uplifting at the same time somehow. The musical style is nothing new; it’s pretty reminiscent of what I also used to listen to in high school, but it’s still a great song.

Good to Be by Backyard Tire Fire

This song breaks no new ground, but it’s a fun feel-good song with some solid, classic alternative.

Answer to Yourself by The Soft Pack

Like Good to Be, this song doesn’t really break any new ground or is experimental, but it’s another fun feel-good song extolling the wonderful virtues of individualism and owning yourself. It’s a fun, solid, classic alternative, which is sometimes what you need, and really what more could you ask for?

Animal by Miike Snow

No, the extra ‘i’ in Miike is not a typo; he’s just one of those idiosyncratic people, I guess. Anyway, this is a fun, whimsical alternative song, and it’s pretty catchy.

Drink Drank Drunk by A Sunny Day in Glasgow

And now for something completely different! A Sunny Day in Glasgow is like a mix between Sigur Ros, Frau Frau, and Delirium — ethereal electronica plus ghostly soprano lyrics that fade in and out. This is usually not my cup of tea, but there’s something eerily compelling about A Sunny Day in Glasgow’s music, and you should listen to it.

Robin by Soy Un Caballo

Unfortunately, I only have this video to go by, which is a shame because the actual published and polished song is amazing. It’s also sadly no longer free, but you can purchase it for $0.99, which is cheaper than a McChicken, and 500% more filling.

Lille by Lisa Hannigan

This song is so adorable and cute and amazing — and the music video is just as adorable and cute and amazing! For those of you who love Celtic folk songs (and who doesn’t? Communists, that’s who), this is the song for you.

Counting Backwards by Josh Preston

This song is so meloncholic and beautiful at the same time. To this day, I have no real clear theory as to what this song is about (though I have plenty of hypotheses), and its mystery (as well as its simplistic beauty as a song) is what keeps it compelling for me.


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  1. Colton G.

    I’d recommend trying out Prydein. Look them up on facebook for several free songs.

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