New Format

Okay guys, so, new format (yet again), but this one has actual practical reasons rather than me getting tired of the aesthetic quality of the blog.

First off, completing Nanowrimo has fired up a new passion in me to actually get some of my projects done, stuff I have literally been working on for years (in some cases, a decade?!). Because of this, I understand that my blog will probably not get as much attention and treatment as it has in the past (evidenced by the steep decline of activity during Nanowrimo) but I didn’t want to let this blog die in any way, so I’m changing the format a little to prevent that from happening.

Any big, long, wordy, “important” stuff I write about will end up on another blog that I am working on setting up right now. And you will hear about that big, long, wordy, “important” stuff here (and hopefully it will end up more polished and edited and drafted than if I had just posted it in its pre-mature, word vomit state that I usually do). In the meantime, I’ve delegated this blog to a kind of funny limbo, where anything I want to tweet about but is over 140 characters will end up here, such as stories I want to tell that won’t fit on Twitter but I don’t necessarily want to work on for an entire month.

Hopefully this will work out. I hope you guys will keep coming back. This new blog format encourages me to write short, quick posts and I’ve made a goal to update this blog at least five times a week, so for all you loyal readers out there, I hope you’ll enjoy the small shift I’ve made and hopefully I’ll have more quality things to offer in the future than my big, long, wordy rants badly in need of an editor, which had unfortunately become rather common as of late.


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