At Flunking Sainthood, author Philip Yancey on writing:

I divide the process into three parts: getting ready to write (40%), writing (20%), and cleaning it up (40%). I find the interview and research process, the first 40%, relaxing and enjoyable. The 20% of time spent composing is all psychosis. I don’t even subject my wife to it. I go to a cabin in the mountains. I don’t shave. I’ll go a week without speaking to a single person, except maybe a store clerk. I work really long hours just pounding out junk. The final 40%, the editing process, is very relaxed and enjoyable, because I began my career as an editor.

Yes, this is absolutely true. Writing is psychosis. At least for me, and apparently for Phillip Yancey.

Which is why I’m not sure how I feel about Nanowrimo concluding at the same time I study for my finals.


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