The poetry of small spaces

For a while, the wife and I shared a twin bed. We’re both small people, but even then we couldn’t fit on the twin bed unless we cuddled. Because of this, I have a fond memory of twin beds, mostly because even if you were totally mad at each other, you had to cuddle and somehow, cuddling makes things a little better.

However, my wife doesn’t like beds because they take up a lot of space. I don’t mind sleeping on our futon on the floor (in fact, I do enjoy it quite a bit), but with beds like these, I think even my wife wouldn’t object to build one or two of them. Poetry creates artificial constraints in how one communicates an idea; because of this, creativity flourishes within the constraints. Sometimes, figuring out how to live in a small space feels like interior design poetry. Large, cavernous homes make me feel oddly isolated and alone. In contrast, it’s comforting that while I’m writing, she’s only six feet away, knitting. At least for us, sharing a twin bed or sharing a small room brings us closer together, no matter how we might have felt before.

And if we need some of our own space, there’s always the bathroom.



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2 responses to “The poetry of small spaces

  1. My wife and I knew we would be cramped for space basically until I finish school (maybe longer who knows). So my wife bought a loft bed (it has yet to be assembled) Full size queen bed, made to support like 900 lbs or some crazy thing like that. I look forward to using our space super effectively. I tend to like lots of open space in a room, but I don’t really like vaulted/high ceilings. I mostly like space so as to help not get messy. Like my Grandpa used to say: “a place for everything, and everything in its place?” If you don’t have enough space… well, you get my drift.

    Good thoughts. My wife misses sleeping on the twin bed, too.

  2. Annabel

    😀 im using this for my english assignment!! thanks for sharing its beautiful~
    I’ll give proper credits of course ❤

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