Great music you may or may not have listened to

Optional title: Songs that totally make me want to make a music video for them.

Optional title #2: Why it’s totally worth it to sift through a lot of mediocre music Amazon offers for free, even if my wife thinks it’s a waste of time.

Right now, I’m working through my music, rating everything on the paltry 5 star rating iTunes offers in order to provide some decent order to the 2.5 days worth of music I have (and that’s not even counting all of the CDs I have yet to rip onto my computer). Through it all, I’ve discovered some great gems of songs that you may or may not have heard (but the indie part of me really hopes you haven’t).

Tus Ojos and Nada De Mas by Bellanova

I discovered Bellanova through a Flash movie with Tus Ojos as the soundtrack. Both songs sound differently than the pop music that seems to permeate today’s American industry, and both of these songs are pretty upbeat and peppy (despite the fact that my rudimentary Spanish hints that Nada De Mas is actually depressing).

Airbrushed by Anamanaguchi

These guys are the ones who did the Scott Pilgrim The Game soundtrack, and they are masters of the old skool video game music genre. If you go to their website right now, you can actually download this song along with a bunch of others for free! Free good music! Seriously! Get it!

Race You and Perfectly Perfect by Elizabeth and the Catapult

Along with one of the best quirky band names, they also have a great album, Taller Children. They’re an incredibly talented group and you should totally buy their music (though their music videos are kinda weird).

Pitter-Pat by Erin McCarley

This song I downloaded for free from Amazon at one point. The acoustic version is the most amazing version (I’m not biased at all!). The one I have is a simple cello/acoustic guitar arrangement that gives me goosebumps. The one available below has a piano/acoustic guitar arrangement which is still incredibly lovely.

Heydays by Great Lakes Myth Society

Aside from having quite possibly the awesomest band name in the world, this band specializes in mellow alternative rock, and unfortunately I only have this crappy YouTube video from a live performance to show you. Seriously, look these guys up; it’s one of the few bands that both my wife and I can agree are talented and pleasant to listen to.

Stole My Heart by Little and Ashley

This song is adorably cute and you cannot listen to this song without feeling happy. Apparently it was used for the Amazon Kindle’s commercial. And I got it free on Amazon. Coincidence?!

Kingdom Underground (Acoustic) by Matt Duke

This is seriously one of my favorite songs in the world. It combines three of my favorite things in the world: acoustic guitar music, theology, and literature. When I first listened to this song, it sent chills up my spine. It still does every single time. Another song I got for free at Amazon.

Fall Into Love by Rabbit!

Another great, cute, indie song. Also free on Amazon. Actually, you can get some really great music for free at Amazon. You have to just wade through about 2.5 days worth of mediocre music first. But if you love music (me) it’s totally worth it.

1br/1ba by Vienna Teng

This is an amazing song, and it captures a very real part of everyone’s life very poignantly – living in an apartment and learning to share your living space with others around you.

Polythene Queen by Miss Li

Miss Li possesses a really strong, unique voice and most of her songs on the album I bought (Dancing the Whole Way Home) also has some strong social critiques, such as Polythene Queen. Others that are fun to listen to (and available on YouTube) – Dirty Old Man and The Boy in the Fancy Suit.

Fancy Beer by The Two Gentlemen Band

Another song I got for free on Amazon (why are they giving away jewels like this for free?), this is a poor quality live video, but shows how awesome they truly are. This song reminds me a lot of my friend Quinton for no real reason (except for the fact that he does like fancy beer). These band is also bursting with talent, so you should check them out. They are also gentlemanly (a plus!).

The Best Treasure Stays Buried by Zoey Van Goey

This song I got for free at Amazon (you can probably see a trend here), and it had always stayed on my amazing top list of music. It’s a great, ethereal sounding indie song. But one day, I listened to the lyrics while on a road trip and the story that quietly unfolds disturbed me. For some reason, this only added to the appeal of this incredible song.



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3 responses to “Great music you may or may not have listened to

  1. Working my way through the videos. So far so good.

    Nada de Mas, though, I wouldn’t really call depressing. From what I can tell, she’s singing about how everything’s normal, nothing’s going on, she’s just thinking about how it was stupid that they broke up, and wishing, hoping, dreaming, believing, that one day he’ll come back to her.

  2. Ted

    I’m glad you like them so far!

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