Birthday goals

On Facebook, I saw a friend of a friend (isn’t that how life always is? A friend of a friend?) talk about her birthday plans. She, too, turns 25 soon, and so decided to write a list of 25 things she’s never done and do them by the time she turns 26. I thought it was an interesting idea so I shamelessly stole it.

But  I don’t know what to write as my goals (and at the moment, I’m too busy entranced with the yerba mate leaves floating in my tea bottle). You don’t want them to be too lofty (after all, you only have a year and it’s competing with 24 other things as well as your daily life) but you don’t want them to be super insignificant or too easy. Plus, since I am a poor married student, I don’t have as much financial leeway to do things like, say, go to Argentina.

Any suggestions?



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2 responses to “Birthday goals

  1. I could only think of that one Calvin and Hobbes comic where Calvin is waxing philosophical about seeking out new life experiences. He starts by sticking his nose in the mustard jar.

  2. Ted

    I think I will pass on that one. ^_^;;

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