Illness, reading time, writing groups

Before I left for a trip to Utah to see my friend Adam get married (grats on the achievement), David and I started a writing group using all kinds of Google tools. However, at the time I also grappled with finals, preparing for the trip, and the fact that I had to re-install Vista on my laptop, which meant that most of the files were tucked securely on my friend’s external hard drive – including all of the stuff I’ve written.

However, I’ve now come back and have fallen ill with something (not sure – flu maybe?). This gives me plenty of time to read, right?

Yes and no. My biggest problem is that I’m not used to reading long text on the computer. Reading on the computer tends to prep me psychologically for short snippets of info, usually via Twitter or blogs. If I need to prepare myself for long term, serious reading, I need to hold in my hands ink spilled onto pressed tree guts. It’s just how I am.

Unfortunately, the printer we have is inkjet, which is both slow and expensive. Maybe James will allow me to use up his relatively inexpensive toner. Hmmm.

Is anybody else like this? Do you need to psychologically prep yourself with some kind of ritual before different types of reading? And now the wifey has come home with bottles of wine from work (she works at a wine importer) so now I must learn about her craft (inventory and internal auditing?).



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4 responses to “Illness, reading time, writing groups

  1. E-rock

    I hear its easier to read on a black screen with white text than visa versa. Haven’t tried it, but my roommates swears by it and reads whole books that way.

    • Ted

      I’ll definitely try that, though whenever I see such a color scheme, it always reminds me of emo poetry for some reason… :p

  2. justjillsblog

    You were in Utah? Adam got married? I feel so left out. But surprisingly I’m okay with it. Does that make me a bad person?

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