Religion overload and the subsequent cure (portents of events to come)

Okay, so I talked about religion a lot. Like, a lot.

And now, for something completely different!

Not sure if anyone is aware, but a couple of my friends have cobbled together a blog called Truffle Studios in which we can work on various projects and blog about them. At the moment, it’s slow going, but once everyone starts getting projects started (and in the habit of blogging about them), it’ll look better, I think.

Second, one of the projects on Truffle Studios that I’m working on is a blog called The Just-So Stories. It’s a collection of my short stories I’ve been writing about taking various views on life straight and playing around with what could be a possible outcome/narrative. I have three or four drafts already on my computer that I’m editing, and more ideas in the works, so hopefully this project will continue. I’m also putting together a podcast so that I can have various people read these stories out loud (they’re quite fun to read). If you like to read stories out loud and would love to record yourself reading weird psuedo-political stories out loud, let me know!

Thirdly, I’ve been working on cobbling together a documentary project about gender roles in video games. We have several key people on board now (which means this thing is closer to reality than I thought it would ever get). If you are passionate about video games and gender roles, please let me know! Currently, we’re collecting data and interviews and just general information from girls about their experiences with video games and gender roles. We’ll be exploring subjects like why guys enjoy playing females in MMOs like World of Warcraft, females depicted in video games, women and how they’re treated in the game industry, and the strange cult of the girl gamer that has cropped up within the sub-culture.

Fourthly, I have resumed work on my card game, started developing a general idea for a second card game, have started working on a script for a indie video game, and the concept development for another indie game. This involves learning various programming languages and programming in general. Hopefully this will tie into my eternal quest in figuring out what the #$%& is going on with CSS.

Fifthly, I am practicing drawing on my tablet once more (it’s like learning to walk all over again) so that I can start working on my webcomic to end all webcomics (not really that epic but still). I will definitely start posting sketches and things on this blog. Promise not to laugh?

Oh, and still writing lots of stuff to try to keep my writing skills on par.

It’s going to be a very busy summer.



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2 responses to “Religion overload and the subsequent cure (portents of events to come)

  1. Just so you know, the entire last half of this entry is one giant link.

    If you’re looking for volunteers to read stuff out loud, I’m game. My friends tell me I have a good reading-out-loud voice, even though I still sound like I’m 10. (I turn 27 in September)

  2. Ted

    Gah, yeah, fixed it.

    I posted it in a rush (was meeting up with the wife) and didn’t see it until late tonight after studying for my two dimensional design vocab final.

    Yeah! If you ever see one that you want to read out loud, by all means, please let me know!

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