Demon Sheep In Name Only?

The first political ad I’ve seen that’s compared an opponent to a demon sheep. So full of fallacies it’s threatening to collapse upon itself and create a mini-cyber-black hole.



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7 responses to “Demon Sheep In Name Only?

  1. As a fiber artist, I would just really love to shear those sheep and make a great sweater.

  2. justjillsblog

    You better order your Demon Sheep Halloween costume before they sell out.

  3. Ted

    Beth, are you really a fiber artist? Because my wife and I have discussed owning goats for shearing the future and we’d love to get your opinion/expertise.

  4. Sidney Carton

    The way California politics work, this psycho will likely become elected. We seem to have the knack for electing the least competent person possible.

  5. Ted

    As long as the guy isn’t actually a demonic sheep, I think you’ll be okay, Sidney.

    To be honest, this smear ad actually made me like the guy MORE. If you don’t want to cut services like crazy in California (which will leave a lot of people in the lurch), you gotta raise taxes or something. California’s gas tax is high, but it’s nothing compared to Europe and it probably won’t bankrupt anyone. And his refusal to sign a retarded “tax protection” pledge is quite honorable – this guy probably knows taxes are gonna have to go up if the budget is even going to be partially workable and refuses to either screw the state over or lie to his constituents. Trust me, those tax protection pledges never work.

    And I always get suspicious when a quote follows the format “This noun is…bad adjective.” Ellipses in quotes are sketchy at best. It’s the whole “Judas hung himself…And Jesus said, go and do thou likewise.” Legitimate quote from the Bible but it sure does subvert the entire plot line.

    And then there’s the whole comparing your opponent to a demonic sheep. I mean, demonic sheep? That is just rich. If any politician is the psycho in California, it’s the guy who’s comparing his opponent to a freaking demonic sheep. I mean, wtf? Comparing your opponent to a terrorist wasn’t good enough of a smear?

  6. The random pig shots are what really freaked me out. I know, it represents the “pork” in government spending, but really. Political ads should limit themselves to one farm animal per ad. Otherwise, it just starts to get creepy.

  7. Ted

    I agree, Jamie. Also, I never thought that a sheep chewing something in his mouth could be considered disturbing. My hats off to the directors for such a task.

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