Blasphemous Mormon folklore

I’m sure any Mormon youth growing up has heard the saying, “The Spirit goes to bed after x o’clock,” replacing x with an hour of the night (the older the commenter is, the earlier x will be). I’ve always hated this saying (despite its well meaning efforts) for various reasons. Most likely, a large part of it has to do with the fact that I’m very much a night owl, and most of my great epiphanies, inspirations, and spiritual experiences happen late at night. But perhaps this is the biggest reason why: it’s utter blasphemy.

Are you telling me that despite the promises God made when I was confirmed a member of the Church, he’s going to rescind those promises because I happen to be biologically awake after an arbitrarily chosen time of the night? What is God, a curfew or truancy officer? Petty! Ultimately, we make God out to basically be a liar. Blasphemy!

Is that why the angel was sent to Christ to strengthen Him as he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane at night? “Hey, thought you’d like to know, buddy, that the Spirit went to bed like, an hour ago. Take a hint from your tired apostle friends and go to bed, too. It’s past curfew.”



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  1. Yeah, that comment was always annoying. Even more so were the people that actually believed it.

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