Resolutions 2009 – The Sequel: 2010

It's that time again...

It's that time again...

1. Go camping at least six times this year.

2. Get a 4.0 gpa this year.

3. Volunteer more often, whether it be at community radio, the library, or Habitat for Humanity. Preferably all three, or some other combination of the above.

4. Finish my card game to a point where I can pitch and present it to various interested companies, people, organizations, etc.

5. Finish three plays and submit them to New Play Project.

6. Get published in something more prestigious than the Daily Universe – twice! This means two different publications, not two articles in one publication.

7. Learn Tai Chi and establish a daily yoga practice.

8. Be at a healthy BMI of 24.

9. Attend the following: A Jewish passover/seder, a Catholic mass, a Protestant bible study, a Buddhist meditation session, a Hindu festival, an LDS conference, an anime convention, a farmer’s market, a book reading, a museum exhibit, a live show (music), a live show (theatre), a live show (dance).

10. Set up free English classes for minority immigrants in the Seattle area, possibly working with LDS missionaries.


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