Mormon Mom Calendar – is it worth the controversy?

Apparently, there is a new pinup calendar in town, and it’s called the “Hot Mormon Muffins.”

No, I am not kidding.

Hot Mormon Muffins calendar

The profits go to charity, so rest assured lest ye think that poor, naive, unsuspecting Mormon moms are getting conned and taken advantage of purely for their bodies so that evil, conspiring men belonging to a secret combination can make unholy profits. Well, actually, they might be – but at least that filthy lucre is financing research for breast cancer cures (and one of the participants is a breast cancer survivor, too – kudos to her).

Obviously, it’s poking fun at a lot of different Mormon stereotypes, and no doubt it’s going to cause a large stir within our humble church community. The creator of this calendar apparently also created a calendar of returned missionaries in various states of partial undress. However, in return, he lost his church membership and BYU refused to give him a diploma during his graduation ceremony (he lost the appeal on that one, too). Why? Because a calendar of returned missionaries without shirts apparently doesn’t keep with the standards of the Church.

I can understand that some more conservative Mormons would be upset (personally, I raised an eyebrow and not much more), but excommunication and denying a student of his diploma? Isn’t that a bit harsh? For producing a calendar with some muscle-y returned missionaries without shirts (but still wearing pants), he lost all spiritual blessings and lost four years of his time and tuition money? To me, that just seems like disciplinary overkill. Considering the fact that I know people who have done (quote-unquote) worse things than this and received much more lenient discipline, I’m a bit surprised. It’s not like he’s distributing Mormon porn – it’s nothing you won’t see if you decide to take a day out to the beach, even if it was an all Mormon beach. Reading Twilight probably messes you up more spiritually and emotionally than looking at a picture of a half naked guy.

Either way, I’m not planning on buying one, breast cancer or not (I prefer to fund breast cancer research through pink ribbon-emblazoned yogurt), but what are your thoughts on this? And is it really worth the controversy it seems to cause?

Edit: According to a source, the excommunication was not related to the calendars. Sneaky AP!



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7 responses to “Mormon Mom Calendar – is it worth the controversy?

  1. I don’t think anyone should lose their church membership over it, that’s for sure. I also don’t find it appropriate. I mean, clearly these people aren’t wearing garments. But I’m like you…I simply raised an eyebrow.

    For some reason I feel more scandalized by the women’s calendar, which bothers me as a casual feminist (not the calendar so much as my feeling scandalized by it).

    And I agree completely with your sentiments on Twilight. It’s interesting how a book (a series even) can be about sex and unhealthy love and be embraced by the same people who gasp in horror over a shirtless man.

    • Ted

      I did not expect the feminist response of being uncomfortable, but now I can see why. Thanks for bringing that unique perspective up. 🙂

      Is there anything about it especially that bothers you?

      • I think what bothers me the most is that I feel like the women should cover up but think it’s no big deal that the men had their shirts off. I feel like my upbringing in a predominantly patriarchal society has caused me to think women should be modest but men don’t have to be. And that’s what bothers me. If I’m going to be okay with the men’s calendar, I want to be just as okay with the women’s. Because neither are wearing garments, quite clearly. So while logically I feel like this calendar is just as eye-rolling as the last one, I’m more embarrassed over it.

  2. supercub

    ‘Because a calendar of returned missionaries without shirts apparently doesn’t keep with the standards of the Church.’

    Apparently?! Have you seen the calendar?

  3. kris

    What a joke!! All I have to say to you people is that obviously it was alot more then his making of calendars with guys with no shirts on that had him excommunicated…get real guys…

    • Ted

      Hey, thanks for commenting!

      Yes, a very reliable source close to me said the excommunication was for non-calendar reasons, but if you read some of the news articles, they certainly imply strongly that the reason was for the calendars. I’m a bit upset that news organizations like AP are touting it as such.

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