Sticking it to the (worldly) man

I was unaware before today that FAIR (Foundation for Apologetic Information and Research), a group of pretty hardcore LDS apologists, had their own freaking Wiki. Those who knew me on my mission are already aware of my strong apologist bent, and I’ve had many a “discussion” about religion with hostile classmates in high school. While my opinions are often in constant flux, my attitude towards intellectualism applied towards the gospel and religious matters as a whole have rarely every changed. I love it when people are able to support their own religious assertions with well backed up research and thinking, and so this wiki is a dream come true.

This wiki has some really great material, such as Latter-Day Saints and California Proposition 8, which gives a great timeline and background, as well as some pretty revealing and eye-opening trivia that I had no idea about before. I highly recommend this site, though, if you’re interested in Mormon apologetics, it can really eat up your time and cause you to neglect important things, such as your career or family. But at least you’ll get more worth out of it then playing an MMO (zing!).

Thus far, I’ve spent a vast majority of my afternoon reading random pages on the wiki, and I have only found enough willpower to tear myself away from it just to blog about it.


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