It’s supposedly third to sexual sin and murder

Apparently, on the Wikipedia page for “Blocking of YouTube,” BYU is mentioned as following a no YouTube policy. Others on this prestigious list are illustrious countries such as The People’s Republic of China and Iran.

Now, why BYU is mentioned in name, while all the other universities that block YouTube are wrapped up in a neat little “Some U.S. Colleges are also blocking YouTube access” sentence, I don’t know. Some bias, I suspect. However, someone doesn’t trust this tidbit of information and has flagged it as [citation needed].

Trust me, unknown doubting Thomas. It’s true, and the no YouTube policy for BYU argument becomes more and more ridiculous, especially since the Church has actually started blogging, Tweeting, and made its own YouTube channel. However, to those students ensconced within the hallowed halls of Brigham Young University, YouTube and other networking sites are a portal to wickedness. Learn this lesson well, and go forth and sin no more.


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