Customers that need to be serviced

I work a lot with a site called It’s basically a bunch of people griping about whatever they want to gripe about – products, companies, government, even their parents if they are so inclined. I came across this gem that has nothing to do with my company’s product, but Wal-mart – the giant international conglamerate that we all love to hate. Unfortunately, this person hates Wal-mart a little too much and loves herself way too much:

Last night my daughter and I went to your store to pick up some items. Being environmently friendly I did not want to waste bags so I told the cashier that I did not want any bags. Upon leaving the store we ran into one your greeter. She asked to see my receipt. I told her no way, I did not steal anything. I told her that I am a registered nurse and would not steal. Come on, I had just came home from work and was wearing my nurse uniform. I told her that I do not like being treated like a criminal. I also informed her that I am a registered nurse and make three times as much money as her manager makes. She apologized saying it was policy to ask for a receipt when the items are not in bags. I told her an apology is not enough as my daughter and I were already embarassed. I am not black Indian or Hispanic, and the majority of criminals in our neigbborhood are black. I am not racist. I am just saying this to face true facts. (as a matter of fact that fact is probably true in any neighborhood).

I asked to speak to a manager, and she paged one. He did not come right away it took him ten minutes to get there. After about five minutes I asked her to call him directly on the phone. I told her to let him know that I am a regisered nurse and spend thousands in your store. I wanted her to know that I make much more money than your average customer.

When the manager finally did come, all he did was back up this cashier and apologize. I told him that an apology was not good enough and said that I should get a gift card. After arguing he finally gave me a $25 gift card. This is not enough as it caused great embarassment towards me and my daughter. I do not care much for myself but this experience will scar my nine year old daughter for life. She will go on thinking her mother did wrong. Her father whom I happily divorced is a deadbeat but that’s another story.

I think that if the manager was really and truely sorry he would have given me more than a cheap $25 gift card. I know that seems like a lot but for a big company it is nothing. This was just a cheap attempt to get me out of the store. Again I have stated I don’t need the cheap $25 gift card. I am a registered nurse that makes three times the amount of money the manager makes. It is just a matter of good custumer service.

I will not be shopping at any of your stores again unless you fire that greeter and the uneducated manager. I will be spending my $25 gift card any any more that you give me but I won’t be spending my money until they are gone. I am a registered nurse and can bring lots of money to your store as I make 80k a year

Some things in life, you just can’t make up.


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  1. Adam

    Best part is where she says “This was just a cheap attempt to get me out of the store. ” She totally realized they were just trying to get her out of the store and stop making a fool of herself, but she still stuck around and acted like she was better than the bags she refused.

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